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Boulder Burger

Hanmer’s 1950’s style diner: Boulder Burger

The ultimate 1950’s Americana experience is coming to Hanmer, so get ready for a blast of retro culture and a menu bursting with classic diner staples.


Boulder Burger


The eagerly-awaited Boulder Burger Bar at the Boulder Precinct – Hanmer Springs’ newest café and retail shopping precinct – will open its doors in mid-December.

It’s the latest venture by Peter and Cherie, who have owned and operated Hanmer Bakery since 2005 and will now turn their hands to create the ultimate burger experience. Kitted out in a stunningly authentic design, you’ll be able to sit at a booth while listening to the jukebox, as you peruse a tantalising menu, showcasing both New Zealand and American influences that combine old favourites with new delights.

A major drawcard is expected to be the customised soft-baked burger buns, complete with fresh hand-made meat patties. All the sauces, chutneys and hot fudge sauce will be made inhouse. Boulder Burgers will be open daily from 11am, serving fast takeaway burgers, fries, American hotdogs, sundaes, shakes and floats. Keep an eye on the specials board which will be changing regularly to include seasonal and seafood options.

The possibilities are endless, and you can guarantee Peter and Cherie will work hard to keep new ideas coming. So, come tap out a tune on the Wurlitzer, or step back in time to marvel at the 1950’s cartoons that decorate the premises.

The team can’t wait to create your perfect burger soon.



Pasta Vera

How to have a happy holiday: Pasta Vera

With the arrival of guests – expected and unexpected – at Christmas, and kids home from uni or overseas who always seem to be on the prowl for food, suddenly there’s no time for relaxation, because you’re too busy fretting about what to conjure up for the next meal.


Pasta Vera


Pasta Vera at Unit 1, 2 Musgrove Place removes all that anxiety. Pop into the factory shop to stock up your fridge and freezer with fresh pasta, homestyle lasagne, and mouth-watering calzone and gnocchi. For barbecues their selection of pesto, sauces and hummus are delicious accompaniments.

So now you’ve got the long-term sorted, what are you going to do about the scary immediate and the fact your unpredictable teenagers have invited all their friends over for tea tonight? Not a problem, grab a tray of Baked Lasagne, a tray of Macaroni Cheese, and just to be on the safe side, add in some Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni (available in 10 x 140g servings) and those kids are fed. And because you’ll only have enough energy left to open a bottle of wine, the re-heat and serve Chili Con Carne has your name on it.

For those with special dietary requirements there is a delectable range of gluten free lasagne and gnocchi; and for vegetarians, the vegan lasagne is scrumptious. With ample parking outside the factory shop, the holiday season is starting to look pretty good!


Visit, follow Pasta Vera on Facebook or for updates and shop specials.


Christmas Trifle

Christmas Trifle Recipe

It simply is not Christmas without a trifle; it makes such a great table centrepiece. The best thing is you can invent your own trifle layers using your favourite sponge or meringue – mix and match fruits, creams, jellies and inclusions – there really are no rules. This trifle is entirely made up of recipes from Chefs Host Christmas.


Christmas Trifle
Serves 12 – 16



Just go for it! I’m using cherries here because they are AMAZING but use whatever you fancy as a fruity substitute.



The best part about this, apart from the taste, is that it can all be made in advance. Knock this out on Chrissy Eve and you’ll be winning.



25 minutes (plus overnight setting and 1-hour chilling on the day)



500g cherries in vanilla syrup
500ml moscato jelly
720g white chocolate + vanilla cream, whipped
2 x chocolate brownie discs, 18cm diameter
75g dark chocolate, melted
360g custard
200g champagne sabayon


  • For the trifle, you will need a 2.5 litre glass bowl with a diameter of 18–20 cm to fit all the layers.


  • Drain the cherries and reserve the syrup. Arrange the cherries in the bottom of the glass bowl. Slowly pour the melted jelly into the bowl to cover the cherries. Place the bowl in the fridge and leave to set overnight.


  • The next day, spoon half of the white chocolate and vanilla cream onto the jelly and spread it out to the edge of the bowl with a spoon. Drizzle half of the reserved cherry syrup over the top of the cream.


  • Place one of the chocolate brownie discs on top of the cream and push it gently into the cream layer to half submerge it. Spoon the remaining white chocolate and vanilla cream onto the chocolate sponge. Drizzle the melted chocolate over the top using a spoon.


  • Place the second chocolate brownie disc on top of the cream and again push it gently into the cream layer to half submerge. Spoon on the custard and spread it out to the edge of the bowl before drizzling the remaining cherry syrup over the top.


  • Spoon the champagne sabayon over the custard, to fill the glass bowl. Refrigerate for a minimum of 1 hour to let everything settle and soak in.


  • Meanwhile, prepare the decorations for the trifle. Make the meringue dots and chocolate shards.


  • When you are ready to serve, remove the trifle from the fridge. Decorate with fresh cherries, drained cherries in syrup, meringue dots, chocolate shards and gold leaf.


Fresh cherries
Cherries in vanilla syrup, extra, drained
Meringue dots
Dark chocolate shards
Edible gold leaf


Bluebells Cakery

With Christmas right around the corner, Bluebells Cakery is excited to announce its range of festive treats for the holiday season, which are available for the first time nationwide.



The festive collection brings together a combination of iconic Kiwi classics and Christmas novelties. Favourites include Bluebells Cakery’s most-loved shortbread, biscuit amaretti, rocky road, marshmallows and more.

 Perfect for those last-minute season events, Christmas day or as a gift for that tricky someone.


Bluebells Cakery








Culinary Trends 2019

Culinary Trends 2019

The world’s focus is on wellness, but pleasure-seeking tastebuds are in for a satiating year, as health and gastronomy share the table for 2019.


Culinary Trends 2019


Wild, wild greens
The king of green goodness, kale, hands over the crown to leafy cousins of equal royalty. Dandelion leaves, mustard greens, chicory, chard, sorrel and nettle will adorn our plates. They’ve been around forever, it’s just taken time for our spinach-and-lettuce tastebuds to embrace a quirkier bitterness.


Fermented fixations
As gut health becomes a focus, microbe-filled, probiotic, fermented food is fast becoming a staple. Tempeh joins tofu’s ranks as a diverse soy product that soaks up flavour, while kimchi and sauerkraut are capable of curing our tomato sauce addiction. Kefir and kombucha are exploding their fanbase – a delicious way to down your probiotics.


Plant loving
Vegan eateries are sprouting up fast, especially in burgeoning Christchurch. Plant-based menus are becoming works of culinary craft, seducing the naysayers. Expect vegetarian dishes to be mainstream now on restaurant menus, if not the stars, as chefs utilise meat rivals, like aubergines. Jackfruit is a meaty-textured newbie that absorbs savoury flavours, and vegan ice-creams are the desserts to end the decade.


Grains and seeds will sprout forth
From hippie to hip, watch hemp’s popularity rise in 2019. As a high-quality, sustainable protein, it’s amazing in smoothies, great as a flour, and the seeds produce the healthiest oil. Freekeh is a super grain we’ll see more of. Made from green wheat, usually Durum, it can replace quinoa or brown rice.


Fashionable fungi
Canterbury has joined France as a truffle producer, and the taste is enticingly unexplainable. Although ‘black gold’, truffles are affordable in slivers. Infusing oils and dusting seasonings, they’re becoming another Kiwi delicacy. There is also an exotic mushroom movement, as foraging local goes mainstream.


And a side of insects please…
Yes, the entrée of crunchy locusts has landed. Cricket flour will no longer raise eyebrows – we’ll be raising our glasses to its protein-packed, world-saving goodness.


Sharing the sumptuousness
Sharing platters became a cool thing to do. Now it’s the thing to do. Food envy is passé. Palates can explore, chefs can showcase, and it’s great for group dining. It doesn’t matter if eyes are bigger than bellies, or if someone won’t eat their greens.


Colour craze
It’s healthy to eat from the rainbow, but there’s another reason for the increasing colour on our plates, as tropical fruits to edible flowers become vogue – a sausage stew just won’t get the likes on Instagram!



Fleur Caulton

On a roll: Q&A with Fleur Caulton

The founders of Queenstown’s Rata and four Madam Woo restaurants, Josh Emett and Fleur Caulton have been on a roll, hospitality speaking, with the shared vision and love of food that has seen both dining options become such a success.


 Fleur Caulton


Now they’re heading new Asian fusion restaurant Hawker & Roll, which has just hit Christchurch, following on from the success of branches in Auckland and Queenstown. We sat down with Fleur to discuss the new dining destination.



Where did the inspiration for Hawker & Roll come from?
Hawker & Roll is inspired by Malaysian street food restaurants and their ability to consistently serve the gutsy dishes Malaysia is famous for. The hawker roll quickly became a signature dish at Madam Woo. From the minute we opened people were raving about it! It felt like a natural next step to dedicate an eatery to our hero dish.


 Fleur Caulton


When and where are you opening in Christchurch?
We’re now open at the bustling location of 79 Cashel Street.


Can you tell us about some of the meals on offer at Hawker & Roll?
At Hawker & Roll we’re dishing up our take on Malaysian street eats. The hawker roll is the heart of the menu.

Malaysian classics such as beef rendang, sticky pork, soy sesame eggplant, percik chicken, honey szechuan prawn and hoisin roasted duck, wrapped in a flaky roti with fresh herbs and pickles, all bursting full of flavour. We’re all about taste and that means using the freshest quality ingredients.


 Fleur Caulton


I understand Hawker & Roll is leading the growing emergence of fast-casual dining in New Zealand. Can you tell us a bit more about this trend?
Dining is becoming a bigger and bigger part of daily life. As a result, people demand more quality, freshness, variety and convenience, which the fast-casual space provides.

Hawker & Roll works so well for people because they get to enjoy authentic, quality food without the fuss of a full-service restaurant.



How have the two existing branches, one in Auckland and one in Queenstown, been received?
We opened our first Hawker & Roll in Sylvia Park last December. Depending on who you ask, that’s either the best or worst time of the year to open in a shopping mall! We had lines out the door from the minute we opened. That momentum carried us through the new year into opening our Queenstown site in April. Both sites are quite different, but it’s been an amazing year for us to test the model and watch the brand grow!


Why do you think this Asian fusion offering is such a popular one in New Zealand?
Kiwis love adventurous food experiences, which is what we always aim to provide with our restaurants. I think Asian fusion appeals to the masses because it’s the perfect mix of foreign components and westernised flavours – perfect for when you don’t know what you feel like!


 Fleur Caulton


What do you think sets Hawker & Roll aside from the competition?
Sustainability is ingrained into our business. Our customers are only ever given metal or paper straws, menus printed on recycled paper, biodegradable takeaway packaging sourced from Innocent Packaging, and paper or cardboard takeaway bags and boxes. We are also working in some sites with compostable options for food scraps and used napkins.


What is the best compliment you have ever received?
I can’t recall one in particular but it’s always good when someone lets you know, ‘you are doing a damn fine job!’


Goals for the future?
Our plan is to grow to more than 100 restaurants, locally and globally by 2028. The rebrand from Mayfare to the Go To Collection has us even more excited about the future than before.


 Fleur Caulton




Manu Feildel

Recipe for success: Q&A with Manu Feildel

Manu Feildel has won hearts as the resident Frenchman on My Kitchen Rules for the past eight years. It was a recipe for success; the two beloved chefs, many years of experience under their culinary belts and the competitive streak that has given us an insatiable appetite for cooking shows. Then of course, there’s that suave French accent.


Manu Feildel


In the city as part of his involvement in creating the gourmet menu for the new Hoyts Lux, part of the EntX development, Manu sat down with our very own Nicholas Henare for an exclusive one on one meeting with the suave star himself dishing the dirt on everything from his start in France at the ripe age of 15, to dealing with celebrity-dom and his love for the woman by his side.


What motivated you to become a chef?

I was crap at school, I was the class clown. My mother said, ‘I don’t know what to do with you, your dad owns a restaurant, I think you should go and work with your dad’.
I just loved the restaurant, I could eat and cook and hang out with girls. I fell in love straight away with the restaurant.

How did you get to be where you are now?

I moved to London when I was 18 with £300 in my pocket and no English and stayed in London for eight years, hated the weather and moved to Australia when I was 26 and got recognised in the industry.

How do you deal with being a celebrity?

I said hello to about 28 people coming in here! It’s part of the job, most of the time it’s ok but sometimes you just want to be left alone, when I’m with my family.

What’s your go to food when you’re not cooking?

My wife is an amazing cook, Chinese, Malaysian, Sri Lankan. Yesterday I was in Melbourne and she called me and said, ‘please don’t eat anything on the plane, I’m cooking for you’.
I love her and love her cooking.

When you cook for your family, is there anything you cook that they they don’t like?

My young daughter is a little fussy but my older son was very picky between 10 and 12, in fact he was a little s**t and wouldn’t eat anything but now he eats EVERYTHING because he’s a rugby player.

Do you ever eat McDonalds or KFC?

3am in the morning and I’ve been out for a big night, I put a hat on and use a German accent… no, no, no, very rarely do I eat that type of food.
Hoyts Lux is amazing, how did that come about?Hoyts wanted to ring something different on the food aspect. The original menu was the same as everywhere else, so I thought I’d just jazz it up a bit. It’s been great to work with the team at Hoyts.

What’s your pick on the Hoyts Lux menu?

Try the duck bao, pulled pork pizza, the chicken burger is also very good. Duck is a luxury product, something very special and that’s what Hoyts Lux is, something special.

What’s your advice to someone who wants to start in the restaurant business?

Don’t do it! (insert loud French laugh here). No, but really, it’s a small percentage of people who are successful and it’s very, very hard work. Long hours and commitment is what’s needed to make it.

How much control did you have over the Lux menu?

About 70 percent – they pretty much gave me free reign to do what I wanted so you really do get what my ideas are when eating at Lux.

MKR? What’s happening?

Season 10 is being filmed at the moment. It’s going to be a cracking season with some great guests. There’s a bit of bitchiness, but here in New Zealand we’re a bit more tame. I play the good cop and don’t try to offend anyone’s cooking too much and try to explain how they can improve and what they could do to make it better, so they don’t cook any… ‘merde’.

How do you keep motivated?

I’ve got a great job that’s different every day. I never get bored. I got to jump on a plane and come and meet you and all the people in New Zealand.

Do you still cook in restaurants anymore?

No, I miss that immensely, but my life has changed.

Do you have favourite restaurant in New Zealand?

You would love it Nick, a modern Indian restaurant in Auckland called Cassia, I love it!

Manu is everything you see on television; suave, sophisticated and a bloody great conversationalist. Now I could do the hard sell on the food at Hoyts Lux but I don’t need to, Manu created it and seriously, it’s fantastic. Would you expect anything else?



Taichi Restaurant

Handcrafted dim sum arts: Taichi Restaurant

When it comes to the quintessential Cantonese dining experience, the most popular expression comes to mind is ‘yum cha’, the Cantonese words for ‘drinking tea’ that refers to Cantonese tea lunch.


Taichi Restaurant


Taichi Restaurant, in Shop 8, Spitfire Square by the airport, is the real deal when it comes to authentic yum cha. Taichi is a family affair, with generations of experience in hospitality and making great food. The soul of Cantonese yum cha is its dim sum arts, and Taichi Restaurant is committed to carrying on the tradition, offering the authentic Cantonese taste. The chef Wen is a dim sum master, determined to make dim sum with the most traditional handcrafted methods.

With a comprehensive background in dim sum creation, including experience as the Dim Sum Head Chef at InterContinental Hotel in Hainan, Wen has deep understanding of the dim sum tradition, as well as the expectations of the customers. He believes people come to yum cha not simply to satisfy their taste, but more importantly, to experience the Cantonese cuisine culture.

Dishes like Taichi’s famous Dim Sum are a big hit with regulars. The four kings of dim sum, prawn dumplings, sui mai, BBQ buns, egg tarts are exactly the classic examples of handcrafted dim sum dishes loved by its customers. With enough room to seat 150 people, Taichi can easily accommodate your nearest and dearest for your next private or corporate function. Open six days a week, it is well worth a look.



Distinction Hotel

Refined dining, not fine dining: Distinction Hotel

Distinction Hotel in Cathedral Square has something to smile about and we do too. Alex Ensor, a hatted chef who has just returned from the Middle East where he won the BBC GOOD FOOD restaurant of the year award, has joined the team and we are the ones that are going benefit from that.


Distinction Hotel


Starting his culinary journey at Huka Lodge New Zealand before heading to Australia and working for world renowned chefs Guillaume Brahimi and Dietmar Sawyere, Alex has had more than 20 years’ experience in leading hotels and restaurants, all of which consistently won awards. With hats being the equivalent of Michelin stars in Australasia, Alex brings a wealth of experience and passion and the new menu at Distinction Hotel is benefiting from that experience.

Designed to be accessible, it’s refined dining without being fine dining. Seared scallops on creamy cauliflower puree, parsnip crisps splashed with apple and yellow curry oil, crispy skin corned Canter Valley duck breast with kumara puree, braised cabbage, sticky mustard seed dressing, smooth peanut butter parfait with dried fig puree, oven roasted salted peanuts, paillette feuilletine, are just some of the exceptional meals made using loyal local produce; that’s the way Alex wants it.

What Alex is excited about is bringing quality, good sized plates of food to the people of Christchurch. “We want everybody to come and experience Gumption. Our team are here because we are proud of what we do and that reflects in not only our service but our attitude toward preparing new and delicious food,” he says.

Gumption Restaurant & Bar is open 6am till 10am for breakfast, 5:30pm till 10pm for dinner. The bar has an all-day menu available from 11am until 10pm and all items can be enjoyed wherever the guests choose in either the bar or restaurant.


Reservations for Gumption can be made via the main hotel number
03 377 7000. Bon appetit.


Original Sin

Temptation is a powerful thing: Original Sin

Original Sin has a great new menu and two fantastic chefs to bring that to you. Stephan and Kristina’s goal is to bring quality food from around the world to the patrons of Original Sin, presenting fresh, local cuisine that titillates the taste buds with variety and flare.


Original Sin


Stephan Kriegelstein has been appointed Executive Chef at Original Sin Restaurant in Christchurch. Kriegelstein has spent the past 15 years cooking for some of the best award-winning restaurants in Europe, sharing kitchens with Michelin-starred chefs and developing a unique culinary style, using seasonal produce to create contemporary yet unpretentious dishes.  His philosophy, ‘cooking is an expression of love, passion and joy of life’ can be found in every aspect of Stephan’s life. He began his career as a cook in the regional Bavarian restaurant Alpengasthof Sonnenhof. After finishing his traineeship, he started working in the restaurant of Colombi Hotel in Freiburg, which holds a Michelin star. Next was to the renowned Grand Hotel Kronenhof and Hotel Waldhaus Sils Maria in Switzerland, after which he returned to Germany to work for the prestigious Relais & Châteaux Hotel Vilino at Lake Constance.

While in Switzerland he met Kristina, who was about to finish culinary school. They set off to work together at some of the best restaurants in Switzerland and Austria and now they are here in Christchurch, bringing their expertise to Original Sin.
“It is our aim to re-explore regional and traditional specialties,” Stephan says. “Our guests should receive a sophisticated insight into the Canterbury region, combined with the harmony of nature and the variety of food we have here. We will bring all our expertise, using modern cooking techniques which will meet flavours from New Zealand and all over the world, only using the best produce from regional businesses and farmers. We will create classic dishes with a unique twist – keeping our German background in mind.”


Join the Oxford Club to receive special deals and a 5 percent credit back from Fat Eddies, Kong, Bealey Ale House, The Bog and, of course, Original Sin. Register at

Book your next decadent adventure, phone 03 595 5330, or drop into ground floor A, 76 Hereford Street to confess your gastronomic sins today.