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Singing the Blues

Singing the Blues: Blue fashion

There’s no more versatile shade than blue, with sartorial selections from pastel to navy making their seasonal debut.

Singing the Blues

Certainly no one hit wonder, blue has been making a splash everywhere from the beauty counter to the red carpet and, when it comes to taking our cues from the top, we’re taking guidance from Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors and Oscar de la Renta.
No matter how you choose to embrace the watery hue, there’s something for everyone in this sartorial shade because, although we’re still hung up on the beautiful deep navys of winter, lighter palettes are making an appearance in time for the warmer months.

Even blue eyeshadow, which has developed somewhat of a bad rap over the years, has seen a coming of age, with a wave of designers adopting the trend on the runway.
We have discovered it splashed across bags, shoes and watches as well as nail polishes and even homewares and accessories.
So quench your colour craving with our mood board of our favourite blues. We’re sure it won’t be long before you’re singing the blues yourself.


Singing the Blues
Singing the Blues
Singing the Blues
Singing the Blues
Soho Bedhead

Popular new pairing: black and blue is trending it’s way into our homes (and hearts)

Not so long ago, black and blue were considered a sartorial sin. Now, not only has this match-made in heaven pairing marched its way down the catwalk, but it’s equally marched its way into our homes and hearts.


Taking their cues from the fashion world, design darlings of the décor world have been taking this trend into the home, where it’s found its way into almost every room.
Dark and moody in all the right ways, black and blue are a crowd favourite and for very good reason. But if you want to lighten the mood, consider marrying black with vivid tones of cobalt, teal and sapphire and lighter blues like robin’s egg and sky blue.
So stay ahead of the style game with some creative combinations.