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Its only natural

Its’s only natural: Minimal makeup

At face value, natural make up should be easy, right? After all, minimal makeup should mean minimal effort. We’ve got some top tips to ensure it really is that easy.

Its only natural

Firstly, opt for a light base foundation. Try a BB cream, a low coverage foundation or mix in a smudge of facial moisturiser with a heavier foundation to create a natural, dewy look, while a strobe cream across your cheekbones is also a great way to give a natural glow.
Only use concealer on areas you absolutely need to. Concealer will sit heavy on your skin and un-do all this hard work in creating a natural look.

Its only natural


If adding anything to brows, keep it to eyeshadow or soft eyebrow pencils, preferably with a smudger to enable blending and creating a natural appearance.
Low key lashes are where it’s at when it comes to a natural look. To get this low key look, apply mascara, then brush lashes out with a clean mascara wand to remove the heaviness of excess mascara.
Soften your blush by applying as usual, then going over it with your foundation brush to tone back the look, or just use a bronzing powder lightly under cheekbones to give a natural appearance, it is after all, exactly what everyone used to do before complex contouring became a thing.
Lastly, go for a light matte lippy and/or a clear gloss for a bit of extra shine. After all, it’s only natural.

Its only natural
Its only natural







Worthy of a smile: OrthodontiX

Anyone cognisant of the latest in invisible orthodontic treatment is marvelling over how life gets better.


Parents who had metal braces fitted could well feel pangs of envy over the Invisalign clear aligners their children are sporting. They’re the most modern way of straightening teeth and fixing an array of aesthetic dental conditions. Because they’re invisible, they make dental improvements no big deal.

Now OrthodontiX is joining ‘The Invisible Orthodontist’, an international industry group with members in the USA, Australia, the UK and New Zealand. The group specialises in aesthetic treatments; in other words, treatments that beautify while easing discomfort.
Dr Ronald Sluiter says in general, the trend has been away from old fashioned braces and toward the clear aligners. Invisalign aligners need to be worn 22/7. Basically that means they are worn constantly, apart from when eating and cleaning the teeth and mouth.
The latter has been a game-changer, as food doesn’t get stuck in metalwork and cleaning becomes hassle-free. For all of these reasons, wearers are enthusiastic.

Not only for teenagers, dental straightening can be investigated at any age. Dr Sluiter says that initial orthodontic consultations are always a good idea, as sometimes it’s financially more attainable for parents to opt for early-phase dental work, involving team-oriented treatments. He says children as young as nine with ‘cross-bites’ or ‘over-jets’ can be helped and a referral is never necessary.

Muted Beauty

Muted Beauty: Bringing a breath of fresh air to the palette in time for spring

If this season’s sartorial selections are teaching us anything, it’s that muted tones are far from boring. Effortlessly chic, they can hold their own from summer to winter.

Muted Beauty

While beige, dusty pinks and pale yellows have been in our fashionable consciousness for some time now, powder blues and soft greens are now making their seasonal splash – in the softest way possible.
Hailing from the same family as peach, these feminine hues are calm and composed, bringing a breath of fresh air to the palette in time for spring.
So, if you don’t want to buy into the bold catwalk colours that come and go with the seasons, opt for a muted colour palette instead. It’s far from flat


Muted Beauty
Muted Beauty
Muted Beauty
Face Value

Is there a Doctor in the House? – Face Value

The field of cosmetic medicine is rapidly expanding in New Zealand as the demand grows for safe, effective and affordable cosmetic procedures. In general, techniques are becoming more complex, requiring an increasing level of both skill and artistry by the practitioner.

Face Value

Before embarking on any cosmetic medicine procedure, make sure you are in safe and competent hands. An easy way to check this is by asking whether the doctor is a member of the NZ Society of Cosmetic Medicine. You can then be assured of their specific training and qualifications in this field and the ongoing assessment of both their professional development and also the safety and standards of clinic premises.

If your practitioner is a nurse, it is important to know who is providing their medical oversight; a requirement for all nurses administering medicines such as Botox® and Dysport®. Ideally the doctor qualified in this field will be present in the clinic.
Follow up in the days and weeks after any treatment is always important, so make sure you will have access to a medical practitioner in the event of a complication or adverse outcome. This is especially important if you are having treatment with dermal fillers.

Remember, its all about making sure you are in skilled hands and in a safe environment. Look out for the New Zealand Society of Cosmetic Medicine logo to identify members, or visit 363-8810 or visit to book your complementary consultation with Dr Philip Frost, Senior member, NZSCM.

V For Hair and Beauty Merivale

Fashionable feminine locks: V For Hair and Beauty Merivale

V For Hair and Beauty Merivale has specialists in the team for whom balayage and ombre is their passion; creating beautiful fashionable, feminine looks for their clients.

V For Hair and Beauty Merivale

The free-hand application allows them to achieve a more natural and modern effect with subtle transitions between the chosen hues, whether blonde, brunette, red or the latest pastlefier colours.
You can amplify the hue to vary from a soft wash to bright and bold depending on your personal preference. When balayage or ombre grows out, the demarcation line between the roots and the coloured strands is not noticeable when done by a trained expert.
Outside of very short cropped hair, it can work on a variety of hair lengths, textures and colours, making it truly universal and flattering for all women.
Nothing helps to stay looking current as a modern hair colour and a trendy cut. The balayage or ombre look is deservedly considered the hottest customised hair colour solution of today.

Transform Clinic

The power to change: Transform Clinic

Some things in life are below-surface niggles. All manner of body and appearance issues can quietly eat away at our wellbeing and confidence.

Transform Clinic
In the recent past, problems like persistent pimples, wrinkles, skin tags, unwanted neck fat or unsightly veins have been viewed as unchangeable destinies. That’s where lives can take a turn for the worse.
Jenny Little, Managing Director and registered nurse at Transform Clinic, Mandeville Street wants people to know that they don’t have to put up with the bodily status quo. “We do a lot of appearance medicine work such as botox and dysport injections, but also non-invasive laser face-lifting, and administering PRP (Platelet-Rich-Plasma).”
The clinic has a great track record treating medical issues that may not be visible, but which negatively impact lives. Jenny says Transform’s clinicians have successfully laser-treated problems as wide-ranging as stress incontinence, vaginal atrophy, and snoring.
A well-respected medical destination for two decades, Transform’s clinical work has made many people contented, Jenny says. “People come in with conditions or features which can make them very unhappy and leave our building smiling. Some of our clients who visited us in the 1990s continue to return to see us to this day,” she adds.

Transform Clinic
Underpinning all of the medical and cosmetic procedures here is a strong, highly experienced professional team with a doctor, five registered nurses and two beauty therapists. Working in concert, they offer completely confidential expert advice and can treat “just about anything,” Jenny says.
For instance, fungal skin infections in toenails are successfully dealt-to by laser technology. Or if skin spots could be moles requiring a health check prior to another procedure, Transform Clinic is a sensible choice. “We do mole checking. We also remove moles, skin tags and other dermal lesions,” Jenny says.
She’d love to get a message out to younger people to start their skincare regime early and to learn at a young age which sunblocks to use, and how to use them correctly. “Sunscreen creams are not all created equal. Also, application needs to be managed properly, so we educate people on this, as it’s the best preventer of sun-damage and disease within our influence.”
Jenny says the clinic nurses and therapists continue to offer free initial half-hour consultations, which is actually a great place to start for all types of health and appearance treatment advice.
Transform clinic sees people of all ages and all skin conditions. The psychological side of such conditions is every bit as important, Jenny believes, and she loves seeing clients recover their good spirits in tandem with their physical transformations.

Hair Art & Beauty

Perfecting the total look: Exciting times for Hair Art & Beauty

The past six months have been a whirlwind of fabulous experiences and exciting changes at Hair Art & Beauty, Cranford Street.

Hair Art & Beauty
Carla Thompson, Hair Art & Beauty

A whirlwind of fabulous experiences and exciting changes

In October, salon owner Carla travelled to New York to work at Bridal Fashion Week, before jet-setting to Europe to assist Sharon Blain (2018 Hairdressing Educator of the Year) with hosting hair-up workshops.
The salon closed for a few weeks at Christmas, during which time builders were hard at work on a salon makeover. The salon now has a chic new look and stage two has commenced; the building of a brand-new day spa. This purpose-built spa will combine style, luxury and innovation so clients can be pampered with the latest global beauty techniques (such as LED facials and dermal needling), as well as the classics like waxing, IPL and massage.
Hair Art & Beauty was a finalist in the Top Shop awards! Plus, in the past months plenty of team activities were scheduled, like in and out-of-salon-training and delicious meals out as a group, making this a very busy year.
The staff are eager to see what the rest of 2018 has in store. They’re awaiting clients’ reactions to the fabulous salon make-over.
Drop-ins to check out refurbishments and make appointments are always welcome. Or visit

KM Surgical

Beauty’s better half: KM Surgical

When something about looking in the mirror isn’t quite right, it’s easy to be needlessly fatalistic. However, age and sun-related problems like sagging, lines and facial deflation can be reversed in a medically sound way.

KM Surgical

At KM Surgical, an experienced team of doctors and six registered nurses practice safe and effective facial rejuvenation.
Dr Ken Macdonald of KM Surgical at Avenue Health in Bealey Avenue cautions people about the risks and pitfalls of seeking cosmetic surgery overseas. He believes there’s general lack of knowledge about the sometimes devastating consequences of plastic-surgery tourism.
“Our focus here is on producing good, natural-looking results for our patients in a peer-reviewed, medically multi-disciplinary environment,” Dr Ken says. “We will do a procedure only if the results are going to be right for a patient for the long term,” he adds.
With specialists in slightly differing areas of expertise working side by side here, Dr Macdonald says the KM surgical team is ideally placed diagnostically. He’s been aware of patients seeking treatment for age-spots in non-medical aesthetic treatment clinics, which were actually undiagnosed melanomas.
From the novice’s viewpoint, it makes sense then, even when seeking just a lunchtime facial filler or laser procedure, to have it done safely in a purpose-built day-stay surgery facility, where there’s on-site medical supervision.
Thankfully, KM Surgical offers just about every procedure known to be aesthetically and medically beneficial, which results in natural-looking rejuvenation. The team uses minimally-invasive techniques and light sedation for all cosmetic surgical treatments, making recovery fast and ensuring safety.

Beauty Progress

Indulgent beauty and relaxation: Beauty Progress

Clients stepping into Waltham Road’s Beauty Progress Thai Massage Spa are assailed by wonderful aromas and gentle music in a cocoon of warmth.

Beauty Progress
Fiona (L) and Wendy (R)

This haven of calm is where beauty treatments by leading therapists Wendy Barker and Fiona Edwards are administered.
Both Wendy and Fiona have extensive beauty and spa experience. Wendy established a well renowned Spa in 2000, before opening Beauty Progress Thai Massage Spa in 2007.
Rapid growth has meant that Wendy recently welcomed Fiona Edwards to the team. Fiona’s experience as a therapist also spans decades, as does that of Thai-massage therapists, Anne and Orn.
The team uses naturally formulated, plant-based ‘GERnetic’ products, which originated in France to heal third-degree burns. The fine molecular structure and efficient delivery system of these products allows percutaneous penetration, similar in activation to slow-release medical patches.
Wendy finds GERnetic superb for sensitive or sun damaged skin and for those susceptible to eczema. It’s especially great as a skin-defence system for those suffering reactions to the recently-chlorinated Christchurch water.
Also ideal for mature skins, GERnetic’s anti-ageing properties have produced spectacular results; firming skin, lifting facial contours, improving skin tone and reducing fine lines and blemishes within a few weeks.
In celebration of Fiona’s return to the spa, Wendy is promoting her Pure Indulgence Treatment; a holistic hour and a half of rejuvenating tension-relief massage for feet, face, back, neck and shoulders.

Apollo Projects Mandeville Village

Mandeville’s new heart: Apollo Projects and Ratua Holdings delivers new excellent facility for local businesses

Mandeville Village on Tram Road is open after an extensive five-year rezone, consenting and construction process by developers Ratua Holdings Limited and the main contractor, Apollo Projects.

Apollo Projects Mandeville Village

“Surveys provided an insight into what the community wanted and helped us to provide a village that meets the needs of the locals while providing a community heart,” says Apollo Projects National Business Development Manager and Ratua Holdings Director Bevan Hames, a Mandeville local himself.
Tenants include Sweet Pea Early Childcare Centre, Supervalue Supermarket, She Believed Beauty Salon, Mandeville Fish and Chips, New Delhi Food Junction, Thaiger Mountain Thai Restaurant and the Platform Heineken Bar and Restaurant. Locals also signalled they wanted discount fuel, so a self-service petrol station under the NPD brand completes the village.
The Mandeville Village Facebook page has kept excited locals informed of progress. “The community is right behind the development creating a great atmosphere. We have received a lot of messages of support and the feedback has been outstanding.”
The village will be the biggest employer in the area and employment opportunities from the village businesses have been well received, with a lot of local interest in jobs.
Given his wife Kelly runs the supermarket, Bevan’s favourite feature is a tough call, “I really should say that – although the architectural features make the village unique and really complement the surrounding area, including the cedar cladding and timber pergola with greywacke stone bases. Also, the tenant mix really responds to the local convenience needs.”
This Apollo Projects masterpiece is open and buzzing for the community that has championed it every step of the way.