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Treasure Box

All the best Treasures: Treasure Box

Combining quality with everyday luxury, finding a stunning Cup Day outfit amongst the beautiful, handpicked collection at Treasure Box by Biani is easy.


Treasure Box


From glamourous garments to stylish shoes and accessories, the welcoming and experienced staff can dress you from head to toe, says owner Andrea Bailey. “The girls will look after you and personally advise on which colours and shapes are best for you. They love sharing their knowledge.”

Amongst beautiful floaty dresses and cute jumpsuits, the Luxe Deluxe clothing will have you standing out in the crowd. Paired with beautiful headwear and fascinators – whether you choose a floral headpiece with subtle netting or a stunning structured hat – the range of beautiful bags and European shoes will complete your outfit. The unique selection of jewellery at the store includes a stunning range of statement earrings by Four Corners.



Hair today, gone tomorrow

Hair today, gone tomorrow

Now’s the time to give your hair a little consideration. We’re often told gorgeous hair is a matter of health and good diet, which makes sense.

Hair today, gone tomorrow


So foods high in good fats and proteins are the way forward. Salmon, chicken, cheeses, olive oil, avocados, nuts… all feed hair volume and gloss from within. Add at least one egg a day, plus one brazil nut, to be selenium-safe.
Then there’s the question of how to style your healthy hair for the fun days ahead, for Cup Day, and all the other seasonal dress-ups. Elaborate up-do, or a certain cut and stylised treatment?

As with dressing, retro looks are still conquering all, such as ‘80s rock-star perms, conferring luscious heads of curls, or the dead-straight and glossy, with the middle-part. Then there’s the kinked, balayaged ombre long-bob, fringed or not.
Two things are worth considering. The first is to make a hair appointment for the ideal time, so that you’ll look beautiful, no matter which style you choose.

The second is to play devil’s advocate with your tresses. Essentially this is the law of opposites. Be contrary. If your dress is very tailored or fitted, go loose, flowing and more natural on the hair front. Conversely, if you’re in a sharp-looking yet oversized double-breasted jacket (left swinging open), a close-groomed-cut and architectural sunglasses could look fab.


If a hat or fascinator is in the mix, take it to the hairdresser and, a tad of back-combing later, your best look will materialise.



Eyes on

Eyes on: Elegant Eyebrows

Elegant Eyebrows is an expert in the fine art of threading and can transform your eyebrows, creating a defined beautiful and sophisticated look.


Eyes on


An ancient hair removal technique, threading is a popular alternative to plucking and waxing and effectively deals to unwanted facial hair.
Using a thin cotton thread, threading removes the entire hair follicle, is faster than tweezing and is perfect for those who suffer from skin irritations or allergies. No hair is too thick or thin for threading and hair grows back thinner and finer.
Tame sparse, overgrown or wild eyebrows and take that first step towards better brows by heading into Elegant Eyebrows. The team does eyebrow tinting, eyelash perming and eyelash extensions.

A quick glimpse:

• Threading only removes hair and not skin.

• Threading is chemical free and better for sensitive skin.

•Threading lasts longer than plucking or waxing.

•Threading is more precise and gives a more defined finish.

• Threading is faster.

• It is generally agreed that threading is not as painful as waxing and other hair removal procedures.

•The technique grabs even the shortest hairs, giving a smooth finish.



Jolie Femme Beauty

Beauty with Conscience: Jolie Femme Beauty

Treading gently on the Earth through the use of sustainable natural products is a fundamental ethical consideration for Amanda Taylor, salon owner at Jolie Femme Beauty in Amberley.


Jolie Femme Beauty


“It is now possible, even in the beauty industry, to have a global social conscience and to look after the environment. For seven years now I have been using La Biosthetique skin and body products, a range backed by dermatological research and innovative bio-technology to produce highly effective products that minimise the symptoms of ageing.  “The plant ingredients in their new Botanique range are 100 percent vegan, 100 percent halal and 100 percent organic with products to suit any type of skin. They are a perfect fit for what is important to me in this industry and are certainly affordable when investing in your skin.”

Amanda will be celebrating four years in business in Amberley at the beginning of November and over that time she has been constantly looking for more ways to further improve the service she offers to the women and men of North Canterbury. “I now have a new LED infrared facial treatment for anti-ageing, as well as a micro-current lifting treatment. My microdermabrasion and dermal needling treatments also continue to be very effective and achieve outstanding results in reducing the effects on skin of exposure to the sun and other environmental factors.”


Jolie Femme Beauty is open from Tuesday to Saturday in Amberley – phone 03 314 8180 or book online at Amanda is also performing treatments in Cheviot on Wednesdays at Blondyz Salon – phone 03 319 8999. “So now I can pamper even more North Canterbury people.”


Labella Nails & Lashes

An exotic oasis Labella Nails & Lashes

Adding to the divine selection of beauty services at Labella Nails & Lashes, new treatments have been introduced – providing clients with a full range of pampering options for the warmer months ahead.


Labella Nails & Lashes


With a focus on superior natural, toxin-free products, Bella Tran opened the unique salon a year ago. Specialising in nails and lashes, waxing treatments are also available, as well as henna brows and lash lifts. One of the new nail treatments on the menu is the ‘Sun Kissed Skin’ pedicure or manicure, which is finished with an organic cacao and coconut nourish oil massage, to achieve a beautiful bronze glow. A gorgeous new product, the coconut and lime massage oil candle, is formulated to melt into a nourishing blend of warm body oil at the perfect temperature. Stepping into the calm, it’s a relaxing oasis from bustling Papanui Road.


The clean, natural oak décor reflects the salon’s dedication to natural products – with no chemical aroma like traditional nail salons. Labella uses only ‘8-free’ nail polishes, such as Butter London, and is Canterbury’s only professional salon with staff trained in the SNS nail system, an amazing acrylic alternative. “This is our most popular treatment,” Bella says. “It lasts up to three weeks, is easier to remove and encourages nail growth rather than damaging them.” Bella takes hygiene very seriously, using a medical-grade autoclave sterilisation system to sanitise tools after each treatment. “This is one of the things I’m very proud of, along with my team, who truly love what they do.”



Phone 03 352 9789 or book online at


Face Value

Lip Service: Face Value

Ever since Romeo offered his as “two blushing Pilgrims” to Juliet, we have paid attention to the attractiveness of lips.


Face Value


The cosmetic approach to lips is subject to fashion trends and swings between the very full ‘Angelina Jolie’ pout and those seeking more natural looking volume. “We find nowadays most women don’t necessarily want their lips to be the focus of attention,” says Face Value’s Dr Philip Frost.

“They want something that blends and harmonises with the rest of their features, subtly accentuating their mouth without screaming ‘overdone’. In this way, lip augmentation has become a very customisable procedure; it’s all about working with your unique features to create a look designed especially for you.”

Lip augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures carried out at Face Value and involves injecting dermal filler into the lips to give them a youthful plumpness and add more definition. As well as changing the lip size for those who desire bigger lips, this procedure can be used to correct a host of concerns including wrinkles around the lip area and redefining the cupid’s bow. It’s about balance and symmetry as well as volume. As with all cosmetic procedures carried out by Dr Frost, it should complement the overall appearance of your face, be age appropriate and not be immediately obvious.


Contact Face Value to arrange a no obligation consultation or visit


The Art of Dentistry: Boutique Dental

Heralding a new era of dentistry, Dr David Kao, owner of Christchurch Boutique Dental is a vanguard of ‘dentistry as an art form’.


Dr Kao


Dr Kao’s unique methods hold a mirror up to nature, intent on treating Gaia-like, the essential symbiotic union between teeth, jaw and facial muscles, promoting facial aesthetics, including wrinkle reduction, to ensure harmony and balance.
He understands that not only function, but beautiful form begins with these natural fundamentals. “If dentistry is perfected on a microscopic level, cosmetic improvements will follow naturally.”
Dr Kao prefers a tailored approach, with a rigorous commitment to bespoke solutions and positive outcomes.

Bio emulation methods mean his treatments follow the natural groove and ridge of teeth with the understanding that each has a function, leading to personalised results.
Regularly training around the world in the latest techniques, his holistic approach encompasses the reality that an incorrect or worn bite pressures the facial muscles that scaffold from jaw to temple, creating wrinkles.
‘Aesthetically pleasing’ does not equate perfection however, and in Dr Kao’s practice, the smiles he fashions retain character. He collaborates with master dental technicians from around the world to create bespoke veneers, crowns and bridges.

Dr Kao’s composite fillings maintain the original, natural colours, contours and even the staining of teeth. For Dr Kao, microscope dentistry, smile design and facial aesthetics including fillers and Botox, along with his natural philosophy, are his passion. He adores the process of ensuring harmonious interplay between all the factors that create the best yet most natural looking you.




Duxton Dental

Beautiful smiles beyond teeth: Duxton Dental

There has been an exciting development at Duxton Dental to give you a spring in your step and a smile on your face this summer.


Duxton Dental


Dentists Christine Duxbury and Hayley Hall have both been extensively trained in the use of Botulinum Toxin (Botox) as a muscle relaxant that can be used reliably for both dental and cosmetic indications. Traditionally, lines between the eyes (frown lines), on the forehead and around the eyes (crows’ feet) have been the most commonly treated for cosmetic reasons. However, the number of new uses for these facial injectables has expanded substantially and now includes other areas of direct importance for dentists. Chronic tooth grinding, headaches and smile issues, due to undesired muscle overactivity, can be treated simply and non-invasively through the use of Botox.


It is interesting to know that worldwide, dentists are the providers of choice for treatments with Botox – it makes sense when you think about their day-to-day work and facial anatomy knowledge. Training and experience has shown Hayley and Christine that they can provide natural looking results, using a combination of skin rejuvenation and facial injectables such as Botox. Duxton Dental is also fortunate to have a qualified beauty therapist on staff.

The goal at Duxton Dental is not about making someone look completely different or 20 years younger, but as one of their patients says, “It is about making them look like they have had a fantastic holiday”.



If you are interested in finding out about these treatments please contact Duxton Dental’s staff for a free consultation on 03 348 5488 or email


The Skin Rejuvenation Clinic

Look fabulous not fake: The Skin Rejuvenation Clinic

Remember a few little wrinkles or imperfections don’t make you less attractive! The problem with chasing perfection with cosmetic treatments is that it can lead to an overfilled or fake look. Cosmetic treatments should only ever subtly enhance your natural beauty.


The Skin Rejuvenation Clinic


It is important to look at all areas of the face when thinking about doing cosmetic treatments as ageing occurs everywhere – not just isolated areas! Amazing lips can look completely overdone if the tissue surrounding them is saggy. It is important to find a cosmetic doctor who takes a whole-face approach so that you can achieve a natural look. A good cosmetic clinician will help guide you past unnecessary procedures and choose the right treatment for you to refresh your natural beauty. Natural contours can be restored using dermal fillers and wrinkles can be softened using Botulinum Toxin. Different treatments address different signs of ageing so often a combination approach will actually give you a more natural look.


Love the skin you are in! Look after your skin with quality skincare and in-clinic treatments to boost skin quality such as IPL( to remove sun-damage and redness), Ulthera ( High Intensity Ultrasound for tissue tightening), Radiofrequency needling (for skin tightening and collagen induction)and professional skin peels. Good skin that is hydrated, smooth and luminous with good elasticity is essential to a naturally beautiful face. The Skin Rejuvenation Clinic prides itself on its personalised treatment plans. Dr Brigid Lee does all the injectable treatments and is a member of the New Zealand Society of Cosmetic Medicine.



Via Sollertia

A new chapter: Via Sollertia

If someone special has bequeathed you jewellery that means so much, but just doesn’t suit, Via Sollertia has a brilliant solution – remodelling – to get the piece out of the drawer and onto you.


Via Sollertia


Jewellery designer Clare establishes the style of jewellery you like, be it classic, modern, art deco, or art nouveau. “Browse pieces in store and in the catalogue and see what jumps out,” she says. “We’ll work with what you’ve got, re-using the stones and metal on site to create something completely personal.” The design process often sees people add to the components and Clare draws the design for you to take away and keep. Wedding and engagement rings are being modernised and reworked too.
“Re-modelling is my favourite thing to do,” Clare says. “It’s so special, creating something with huge history that people will actually wear and love, bringing a new chapter to the life of the jewel.”



Via Sollertia


Via Sollertia
11 New Regent Street
Ph 366 8001