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Skin Rejuvenation Clinic

2019’s Biggest Beauty Trends: Skin Rejuvenation Clinic

The start of a New Year isn’t just a good opportunity to reflect on how the previous year went but it’s also a great time to look ahead.  What’s in store for 2019? Dr Brigid Lee from the Skin Rejuvenation Clinic has a few predictions on what will be big in 2019.


Skin Rejuvenation Clinic


Customisable skin care:
It is about assessing your skin’s requirements so that skincare products can be targeted to deal with each issue. Some like to layer various active products on while others prefer everything they need to be in the one bottle. Fortunately everything is possible!


Firm, healthy skin:
Ageing causes skin to lose its elasticity. Now there is technology to help stimulate new collagen, whether it’s from needling – ideally with a machine that also administers heat down the needle and into the skin – or with a machine designed to deliver heat into the deep dermis, such as Ulthera, which uses high intensity ultrasound.


Freezing fat from any of those stubborn areas where fat accumulates and no amount of dieting or exercise will move – tummy, inner and outer thighs, back fat, arm puffs (referred to as armpit vagina by Jennifer Lawrence), backs of arms and chin. No surgery, walk in and walk out.


Artfully done botox and dermal fillers to achieve naturally stunning results:
Beautifully arched eyebrows and curved cheekbones with full natural lips are all achievable if that is what you want or fillers can be used simply to restore the volume loss caused by ageing.


All available at the Skin Rejuvenation Clinic.



Eating Beautiful

Eating Beautiful

We’ve long treated our skin and hair externally, as we seek to become younger, more beautiful versions of ourselves.


Eating Beautiful


But there’s an increasing movement towards the recognition of the intricate connection between what we eat and our external appearance.  Rather than all the lotions and potions at our disposal, consuming the most nutritionally amped-up superfoods might actually be the key to looking your best.

So what do we need to grab at the supermarket on the way home to get the glow of goodness? We’ve picked out some of our faves.


Awesome Avos

Avocados are loaded with antioxidants that help protect the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays and essential fatty acids which help lock in your skin’s natural moisture.


Culinary cure-all

Kale is jam-packed with a host of vitamins, including Vitamin A, which is vital for a dazzling white smile, while its omega 3 fatty acids reduce inflammation


Seedy disposition

Packed with B vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and fatty oils, pumpkin seeds are your ticket to clear and glowing skin.



Macadamia magic

The macadamia nut’s overall combination of fatty acids and zinc makes it a wonderful skin beautifier.




Loaded with Vitamin C, berries are a beauty powerhouse, with Vitamin C linked to less wrinkles.



A sweet option

Sweet potatoes are bursting with beta-carotene, which improves the integrity of your hair and nails.



Ode to Oysters

Oysters contain zinc, which boosts collagen production, speeds up the healing process and helps improve acne by regulating oil production.



Repair oil

With the ability to repair the skin, coconut oil is a great addition to smoothies, in cooking and on the skin.


Turmeric treats

Turmeric is well known for its ability to purify blood which is essential for clear skin.



Clever Cacao

Dark 70 percent Cacao Chocolate has flavonoids which improve the texture and hydration of the skin, while battling damaging UV rays.



Coffee craving

Caffeine addicts rejoice because coffee is absolutely loaded with antioxidants essential for healthy skin.



Almond action

Almonds contain a large amount of catalase – an enzyme that impedes the graying process by limiting the build-up of hydrogen peroxide in your hair follicles.’



Hair Art & Beauty

Love the skin you’re in: Hair Art & Beauty

H&B is now offering Medical Dermal Needling in salon today. Dermal needling serves two main functions; firstly, it stimulates epidermal growth to provide stronger and healthier skin; secondly, it stimulates the production of collagen, making skin tighter and firmer.


Hair Art & Beauty


Dermal needling uses a specialised instrument that contains incredibly fine medical needles to create micro punctures on the skin’s surface layer. This triggers the skin’s natural collagen production and restorative processes.

The treatment is minimally invasive however, it has been found safer than some other skin treatments such as chemical peels, laser treatments, etc. If you have scars, stretch marks, fine lines and wrinkles, or want to give your skin some firming, dermal needling could be for you!

Dermal needling can help to stimulate collagen, increase skin elasticity, soften fine lines and reduce the appearance of scarring, pigmentation and sun damage. It also allows treatment products to be better absorbed by the skin.
As every client is different, we do require you have a quick consultation with one of the amazing beauticians beforehand, as they can tailor a treatment plan to your skin needs.


Contact H&B on 03 381 8939,,, or pop into the salon at 96 Cranford Street.


Seeing Red

Seeing Red

Cherry red is adding a powerful punch to our wardrobes this sartorial season, most popularly paired with more muted tones of warm beige and deep whisky browns that are tiptoeing into consumer consciousness for 2019.


Seeing Red


Cherry red is a “full-bodied” colour, which Vogue describes as ideal to enhance velvet, tulle and satin, recreating elegant, retro-feel looks.

It’s hot property for those wanting to add that ‘little something’ missing from an otherwise low key outfit and it’s getting us all fired up about the possibilities in store for our wardrobes.

It’s time to roll out the red carpet.



‘Eco-Glamour’ comes to Christchurch: Jouvence Beauty Institute

As the country’s longest standing professional Beauty Therapy Institute, Jouvence continues to offer results to its regular client base and a commitment to customer care that the spa is famously well known for.




The institute provides classical and contemporary treatments, with new additions to its extensive range, such as a spray tanning service, along with retail products from well-known Australian company, Vani-T.  The range is formulated without the use of mineral oils, petrochemicals, talc, fillers, parabens, artificial fragrances or harmful preservatives and is also 100 percent cruelty-free and vegan, making it the perfect addition to Jouvence’s treatment range based right here in Christchurch.

Other new treatments include eye-lash perming, henna eyebrow tinting, paraffin pedicures and manicures.  Just in time for the busy Christmas period, Jouvence also welcomed a new addition to the team, Ashleigh, who is a qualified electrolysis and beauty therapist.


For more information about Jouvence and the new Vani-T range, phone 03 355 6488, or email the team at


Salon Parlour

The Perfect Parlour: Salon Parlour

That owners of Salon Parlour, Susie Chisnall and Becs Taulango are committed to incorporating sustainable ideals to their hair, beauty and nails emporium is immediately apparent as you walk through the door of the striking space, located on the corner of Cranford and Westminster Streets.


Salon Parlour


Polished concrete floors enhance the effect of the uplifting stud height, natural light is complemented by soothing dark walls, plus the stylish and streamlined cabinetry in plywood can be rearranged or packed down to enable the cleared space to host events.  The vibe is welcoming and the atmosphere easy and calm.

“We aim for our clients to be comfortable and totally relax – coming here is almost as much about restoring mental health as a gorgeous hair style and a rejuvenating facial,” Becs says. The fact that their warm and inclusive approach is appreciated is reflected in the broad range of clients returning again and again.

Salon Parlour works as a shared space, where self-employed hair stylists and beauty therapists collaborate and support one-another. “As well as hair styling we offer spray tanning, massage, nail treatments, waxing, hot shaves and facials, and there is always room for more practitioners to join us,” Susie says.  With more than thirty years’ experience between them, Susie and Becs are delighted to help stylists and therapists wishing to join the space settle in and establish their business.


Find them at and for appointments, enquiries about events hosting, or joining the team,

phone 03 355 1108.


Sustainable Beauty

Sustainable Beauty

When it comes to beauty products, here’s the bottom line: care for the environment and end up caring optimally for yourself on the side.


Sustainable Beauty


That’s the message from the results of research. Studies into problematic ingredients in personal care and cosmetic products have found that we should be avoiding those containing parabens. These are widely used cosmetic preservatives, and not particularly earth-friendly either.

Environmentally speaking, both the products we choose to put on our skins and how we dispose of them when they’re finished really matter. Billions of units of cosmetic packaging are produced globally every year and some cosmetic companies are rightly encouraging sustainable practices like separating out the non-recyclable packaging from the recyclable.


Quick fact: What can’t be put into kerbside recycling are the flexible tubes, the bottle pumps, caps, plus used lipsticks and eyeliners. Large tubs of creams and potions can be finished, washed out and recycled, as can things bought in glass containers.
It turns out that natural ingredients which have not been genetically modified, and which are certified organic and non-synthetic, will not do as much harm to our environment as the alternatives. Plus, they’re far likelier to be better for you.

The latest buzz-phrases in what’s good in cosmetics are ‘wild-crafted’ or ‘food-grade’ ingredients. Health-wise, the ‘endocrine-disrupting-chemicals’ are to be avoided and these are spotted as chemical names ending in ‘paraben’.
If in doubt, consult your pharmacist.



Beauty Bites

Beauty Bites: Bite-sized fashion and beauty

Bite-sized fashion and beauty news capturing all the things you need to know.


Beauty Bites


Chase the Rainbow

Hannah McKeich is a Kiwi woman who is taking the beauty industry by storm.
After becoming pregnant at 17, bouts of homelessness and severe struggles with mental illness, she has captured the heart of the nation, with her cosmetics brand Colour Junkie now being stocked in 45 locations across New Zealand including 30+ locations in prestige cosmetics retailer Life Pharmacy with expansion plans in the work for Australia.


Not an illusion

Not just an illusion, French lifestyle boutique Blue Illusion opened its brand new Christchurch boutique last month in the recently transformed Merivale Mall.
The beautiful flagship store for the South Island will host the brand’s complete collection of French-inspired apparel, footwear, accessories, homewares and beauty.


Natural Instinct

There’s a new name in the natural body care game. Purity Fragrances was launched to give more choice in products to women with allergies and those concerned about exposure to toxins.
Now it has launched a unique natural body care range. Like the company’s natural fragrances, Purity Fragrances Skin Silks are made in New Zealand from an eco-certified essential oil concentrate base and are free from all synthetic fragrance, ethanol and animal products.


Natural Instinct



Show your love

With the holidays behind us, the next thing to look forward to is Valentine’s Day! While we wholeheartedly believe you should demonstrate your love every day, we still love an excuse to go the extra mile with a special something for that special someone.
With luxury, Italian earrings from Orsini, and inspiration for the perfect “stay at home” date night from Matakana Botanicals, there is something that will tickle everyone’s fancy!


Fashionably Forward

Emerging fashion from around the globe will meet high profile Kiwi designers in a unique fashion mash-up like no other, when the iD Dunedin Fashion Week takes place for 2019.
iD Dunedin Fashion Week is your opportunity to experience the glamorous world of fashion up close. Enjoy exhibitions, designer talks, pop-up stores, fashion films and exclusive behind-the-scenes encounters from Monday 11 March to Sunday 17 March 2019.


Beauty Bites


If it suits

If it suits: Fashionable suits

From the closets of men to the closets of women, the power suit has crossed a divide that few garments can. Now after a few years in the sartorial shadows, the broad shoulders and stiff lines that have been defying gender norms since actress Sarah Bernhardt scandalised Paris in a custom-made trouser suit in the 1870s have made a welcome return to the ‘what’s hot’ lists.


If it suits


The fact that the power suit has re-emerged during a cultural turning point for women, with the #MeToo and #TimesUp campaigns making global waves is not lost on the world’s sartorial movers and shakers, with Conde Nast artistic director Anna Wintour explaining, “A fashion show does not exist in a vacuum, it is reflecting our culture,” in a video discussing New York Fashion Week trends.

“The biggest cultural shift in the last several months has been women and how they have been treated in the workplace. There is no way this was not on designer’s minds.”


World Brooklyn Blazer Mint.
 World Brooklyn Blazer Mint.
If it suits
Karen Walker women’s suit.


If it suits
Country Road jacket.


If it suits
Bec & Bridge Rosa Jacket.


If it suits
Seed Heritage coat.



for Hair

Going grey gracefully: V for Hair and Beauty

Looking for a new look for your grey hair this season? Beautifully styled grey hair is turning more heads than ever before in a growing trend towards natural beauty – enhanced with a little salon magic.


 for Hair



Master Stylist Vicki O’Fee, of V for Hair and Beauty upstairs in Merivale Mall, says women often start to grey by 35, or even earlier – and many are now loving the look and making the most of the change. It’s important to choose a shade that suits your skin. Sultry hues of silver, sand, dove, iris and lilac for hair can also be incredibly feminine and flattering.

Like any change in hair colour or style, it’s a transition, so planning ahead for special occasions is vital. V for Hair and Beauty’s stylists offer a complimentary consultation and may suggest going lighter with a base colour, highlights, age-blend colours to soften obvious lines, or weaving in lowlights for darker hair.