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Barrington Gifts

Checking the giftware boxes: Barrington Gifts

Is it difficult finding a gift that is unique, locally crafted or designed and has some personality? Your troubles are over because Barrington Gifts is stocked with products that check all of those boxes.

Barrington Gifts


The quaint and homey Barrington Shopping Centre store sells quirky and humorous home décor, artwork, apparel such as scarves, jewelry, men’s and women’s wallets and more gifts – many that are produced by local artists.
Christchurch natives Matthew and Melissa Holland and their six children opened the store just over two years ago to showcase Canterbury-based artists. Barrington Gifts offers something for everyone.

“You can come in and find something for a newborn or someone who is having their 80th birthday or someone who is celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary,” Matthew says.
The next time you’re at a loss of what to buy for someone, you may snag what you’re after at this family-run shop.

Barrington Gifts

Your happy place: Barrington Gifts wants to make you smile

Circling Barrington Gifts a few times is essential to see everything – the quirky, cute, surprising, interesting, unique and useful.

Barrington Gifts

“I buy in what makes people smile and leave a little happier,” says owner Melissa Holland. “Gifts that’ll be talking points at birthday parties!”
She loves watching customers giggle over the locally made cards with witty sayings.
A local, Melissa reads her customers well. Those wanting renditions of loved pets were inspiration for her Infinity Prints, that she also wholesales with husband Matt.
Individualised 20 x 22cm artists’ watercolours are customised with bowties through to roses. Pearls on a boxer? Tiara on a pug? There’s cats in hats and caravans with clouds and more – it’s art at its most playful.
There’s amazing age-specific birthday items for 16 to 100-year-olds and great gifts for guys.
Parents can wheel pushchairs around the wide aisles, and layby and complimentary gift-wrapping is offered. Warning, there’s so much to choose from at Barrington Gifts in Barrington Mall.