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Halswell Bakery

Perfect Picnics: Halswell Bakery

Labour and Show weekends are fast approaching. They’re the time that Cantabrians throw open the door of their homes, shake off the gloom of winter and enjoy spending time in the outdoors.


Halswell Bakery


Of course, good food is very much a part of having fun with friends and family whether it’s a picnic at the beach or a car boot party at the races. Who wants to spend time putting goodies together when Halswell Bakery can do it all for you?
They make everything fresh on site from beautiful filled rolls, pies and bacon and egg slices, to sandwiches and yummy sweet treats. Chickens are freshly roasted daily and all the pastry and fillings for their amazingly tasty pies are lovingly handcrafted. They are also famous for their delicious club sandwiches.



Give them a call on 03 322 4600 or email to talk about what you would like to put in your picnic hamper.


LeBakermen Café

Café with a Kiwi Kick: LeBakermen Café

Personality radiates throughout LeBakermen Café and Bakery – the unique and delicious food, the staff and a coffee experience to rival them all.

LeBakermen Café

Will Leung is a connoisseur of coffee and artisan food. After a spell in Japan, mastering the country’s French way of baking, he finally opened his café in March. Will describes his baking as “Using French techniques for Japanese-style delicacies – but with a Kiwi kick”.
The famous Fairlie Bakehouse pies add to the cabinets – filled with tempting homemade bread and pastry aromas. With an in-house dessert specialist, the cabinets are filled with everything from Salted Miso Caramel cakes to buttery fluffy brioches.
Using Havana Coffee Works espresso from Wellington is one of the many ways to have a coffee here. The café specialises in soft brew methods such as pour-over drip, Siphon, French Press and Cold Brew. Will comes to the table to explain the process. “You can try a single origin earthy Mexican, well-balanced Cuban, a strong and nutty Brazilian or a sweet and fruity Ethiopian – it’s the coffee version of wine tasting!”

Head coffee maker, Vii, was a former Ara Barista tutor. The café also offers keep cups and coffee equipment for sale. The menu includes the likes of fluffy waffles for breakfast and The Loco Moco for lunch. “This is my absolute favourite,” Will says of this Hawaiian comfort dish.
Easily accessible, the modern, comfortable, new premises at 187 Wigram Road, Wigram has oodles of parking and seating. Open every day 6:30am to 4:30pm weekdays and 8am to 3:30pm weekends. Facebook and Instagram showcase the LeBakermen personality.

Gorgeous Food

A hearty Kiwi favourite: Gorgeous Food

Nothing beats a piping hot homemade pie with a succulent filling to warm up a winter’s day. And Gorgeous Food in Wigram takes this hearty Kiwi favourite to the next level.

Gorgeous Food

Owners JoAnne and Pete will enter this year’s New Zealand Bakels Pie Awards – last year they came seventh in the ‘Boutique’ category for their chicken and leek pie. The real beef and cheese and the pepper beef are popular with the hard-working regulars that are known by name here. There are pies and quiches too in the freezer to take home for tea. The latest addition to the pie warmer is handmade savouries, previously only for their catering customers.
Pete and Kayla make an amazing Vivace coffee, with dairy-free options including velvety almond milk, coconut, rice and soy. A real mix of customers, from workmen to office locals, come from Prebbleton and beyond for the fast and friendly service.
Office shouts of lunches and morning teas are a speciality. Sandwiches are made with a larger McKenzie loaf slice, and bacon and egg paninis are breakfast heaven. There’s raspberry and white chocolate and blueberry muffins that are ‘chock full’ – JoAnne promises they won’t disappoint. “I enjoy taking pride in what I make.”
Gorgeous Food, 66 Springs Road, has the cabinets full for a 6am opening Monday to Friday, until 3:30pm. Saturday hours are from 7am to 1:30pm, so you can grab a hot pie and coffee before or after the sports game. Phone 03-344 6043.

Hanmer Bakery Cafe

Culinary heaven in Hanmer: The Hanmer Bakery Cafe is a culinary hotspot

Chances are, if you’ve been to Hanmer, you would have been to Hanmer Bakery Café. If not, you’re missing out on some of the best quality eats and drinks in town.

Hanmer Bakery Cafe

Located in the heart of Hanmer Village, Hanmer Bakery Café is the definitive culinary hotspot for locals and holiday makers alike.
Open seven days from 6am to 4pm, customers are served delicious food and provided with comfortable indoor and outdoor seating, together with warm and friendly service. It’s the perfect destination for people before or after heading to Hanmer’s thermal pools.
An extensive range of affordable savoury items made on-site means all tastes are catered for and appetites are spoilt for choice. Gourmet pies with flavours like venison and redcurrant; steak, egg, cheese and onion; and even potato-topped beef, mushroom and red wine pies are a good place to start. You can even get a winter warm-up of pumpkin soup and a crusty roll.
Kiwi favourites like lolly cake, ginger crunch and custard squares are on offer too. Plus, a big selection of freshly baked bread, rolls, pastries, homemade donuts, scones and mega chocolate chip cookies are certain to satisfy any craving.
Hot drinks are also a passion and Hanmer Bakery Café serves up Grinders Coffee, alongside a selection of other drinks.
For more information visit or find the café at the Village Shopping Mall, Hanmer Springs.

Halswell Bakery

Beautiful bridal baking: if you’re planning your wedding catering then talking to Halswell Bakery is a must

Halswell Bakery could be ‘The Wedding Bakery’, with its comprehensive approach to fresh, bespoke and competitively priced cakes and delicious delights for every step of your journey to the altar. “We make everything at the bakery, so every detail can be specific to you and your wedding theme,” owner Ruth Buckley says.

Halswell Bakery
Cakes are modern rustic in style and, along with cupcakes and biscuits, can be personalised to fit in with your wedding theme. The club sandwiches are legendary and would make a great platter to take on your wedding day photoshoot.
Its baked-goods are so budget-friendly you could have everything from croissants with your champagne breakfast, to personalised cakes, cupcakes or biscuits for your engagement or pre-wedding functions, and even bespoke breads for your day-after wedding barbeque. The Wedding Bakery indeed.

Le Bakermen Cafe & Bakery

Café construction collaboration: how DNG Construction worked with LeBakermen Cafe & Bakery to make their dreams a reality

DNG Construction Ltd is going from strength to strength. With countless completed building projects around the city, the team behind this dedicated company can provide you with the experience, knowledge and commitment to ensure your building project, commercial or residential, becomes a reality.

Le Bakermen Cafe & Bakery

LeBakermen Café and Bakery at 187 Wigram Road offers a strong example of the level of dedication the company applies to every project. “The owner originally just wanted some help framing partition walls and installing Gib board, but soon learned we could help with organising subcontractors, mechanical services, electricians, gasfitters, plumbers and painters etc,” owner Dean Inglis says.
“We ended up helping him through the whole project from start to finish, including all paperwork, applying for and obtaining Code Compliance from the council on the owner’s behalf.”
LeBakermen Café and Bakery owner William Leung was very impressed by the company’s dedication to the project. “DNG Construction LTD has been very accommodating from start to finish. They were always one call away and ready to help. One of our ovens had no water lines connected, but DNG had them installed and connected in two days,” he says.
From design, to construction, to the finish product, DNG Construction is with you every step of the way, with the capacity to handle larger commercial project, residential builds and smaller maintenance jobs, including skylight replacement and bathroom refurbishments.
For more information, visit, phone 03-741 1490 or find the company on Facebook.

Mrs Dentons

Creatively clever eats: Mrs Dentons

Living on the Chatham Islands for many years pushed Delwyn Lanauze to be creative with the resources she had at hand. This might go some way towards explaining the clever flavour combinations of the pies she has lovingly made in her café and bakery, Mrs Dentons, at 168a Kendal Ave, Burnside.

Mrs Dentons
Delwyn Lanauze

Venison, raspberry and cream cheese; the Chatham Island blue cod, parsley and leek; venison and mushroom are just a few. “We’re also one of the few places to do a scallop pie,” Delwyn says.
“That’s a big hit.”
This innovative take is also evident in the range of chutneys, horseradish and relishes on display, which includes cherry, beetroot and raspberry.
There are always fresh salads and soups – also with delicious flavour combinations such as Thai pumpkin and cauliflower – delicious cold deli options include lasagne, gluten-free frittata and tortilla stacks mean you’re covered for every meal and there are the usual sweet and savoury snacks, such as scones, cinnamon swirls and slices.
“I make exceptional scones and I don’t mind admitting that,” she laughs.
Mrs Dentons is also a stockist of the renowned Fairlie Bakehouse Pies, by Austrian chef Franz Lieber based in Fairlie, with six different flavour combinations to choose from.
Delwyn has also turned her very talented hand to art and there is always a beautiful range of her wares on display.
Mrs Dentons is open six days a week 168a Kendal Ave, Burnside from 7am to 3pm weekdays and 9am to 2pm Saturdays. Phone 03-357 4516.

Patisserie Yahagi

Sweet love: Patisserie Yahagi gets their joy from bringing happiness through the giving and receiving of food

When you work within or establish a new business, what makes you the happiest?

Patisserie Yahagi

For Eri Yahagi, the owner of Patisserie Yahagi at Church Corner mall in Upper Riccarton, happiness comes in knowing that her customers enjoy her desserts and cakes, but especially when they pass that joy on to their dearest people.
These were posted on the Facebook page of one of her customers on Valentine’s Day.

Heath Wells posted at 16:05 on his Facebook:

“It’s Valentine’s Day and I cannot think of anything nicer for Heather than a sweet treat from what is, in my opinion, the best patisserie here in Christchurch, Patisserie Yahagi…
This is their creation to celebrate today – a heart shaped raspberry and chocolate mousse.”

Heath Wells posted at 16:33 posted on his Facebook:

“So this just happened… This morning Heather Wells and I had a conversation along the lines of Valentine’s Day being a commercialised thing and we wouldn’t buy into it and get each other anything. Of course I was like, ‘Yeah right! As if I would not get something’. So, as per my previous post, I went along to Patisserie Yahagi and got that heart shaped treat…
Well, it seems Heather Wells had similar thoughts, and also called into Patisserie Yahagi on the way home and picked up this gorgeous looking chocolate tart! Great minds think alike!”

This heartwarming story is right at the heart of what Eri loves most about her business. “They got their desserts from Patisserie Yahagi for each other because they thought this was the best for each other!”
And so Eri will continue to bake her desserts and cakes to make people you love like your partner, family and friends happy. Who’s your special someone that you want to treat with Patisserie Yahagi’s creations?

Gorgeous Food

A gorgeous variety: checking out Wigram’s delightful bakery Gorgeous Food

It’s something of an institution on Springs Road in Wigram. For more than ten years the Gorgeous Food specialist bakery has been delighting locals and those from further afield, with its ‘gorgeous’ range of tasty classic and not-so-traditional freshly-made treats, both savoury and sweet.

Gorgeous Food

“We are proud to have served the community for so long,” says co-owner JoAnne Fryer. “Our food is healthy and made fresh every day in our bakery using top quality ingredients. Real butter and eggs – baking the way it should be.”
Firm favourites are the delicious pies, quiches and sausage rolls, as well as the bakery’s own style muffins and scones, Dagwood sandwiches, filled rolls and wraps.
“We have been asked a lot lately for salads and we have really enjoyed creating some especially scrumptious flavour combinations that we have had to try ourselves, of course. We have a chicken teriyaki salad with baby corn and bok choy, a pesto pasta salad with smoked chicken and a roast pumpkin salad with beetroot and feta. They are really good to eat on a hot day – or any day for that matter.”
An array of slices too has customers returning. ”Our gluten-free caramel meringue slice flies off the shelves as does the citrus slice and the ginger macadamia slice. And we are famous for nana’s chocolate fudge slice – a much loved family recipe. A slice and a cup of our takeaway Vivace coffee – what better way to indulge yourself?”
Gluten free products are available, along with a great variety of options for business or home catering.

Bree Scott: Glamour Cakes

Sweet Taste of Success: We talk to Cake Goddess Bree Scott of Glamour Cake

Bree Scott: Glamour Cakes
Bree Scott of Glamour Cakes. Photographer: John Houston from Rexbox Photography
Bree Scott: Glamour Cakes
Bree Scott of Glamour Cakes. Photographer: John Houston from Rexbox Photography
Bree Scott: Glamour Cakes
Bree Scott of Glamour Cakes. Photographer: John Houston from Rexbox Photography
Bree Scott: Glamour Cakes
Bree Scott of Glamour Cakes. Photographer: John Houston from Rexbox Photography

Bree Scott’s successful foray into baking has been a glamourous one since her sweet treats went viral last year. We talk to the proud owner of Glamour Cake about the sweet taste of success.

How did all this start?
My baking career started when I finished high school. At the time I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do and dad offered me a position as his apprentice so I decided to go down the line of baking!

What has been your most successful creation?
The donut! When I started Glamour Cake I designed wedding cakes and birthday cakes and loved it, but as I carried on I decided it wasn’t what I wanted to be doing. So I started creating cheesecakes which started to take off and I decided to give donuts a go. This was the winner.
It started off with the Mars Bar cheesecake donut and it went viral. Then the following started to grow; 12 daily donuts of a particular flavour turned into 80. Then I started getting really creative with flavours and designs and one daily flavour turned into eight and 80 turned into hundreds!
My favourite donut is the ‘Leamington’. With the combination of cream and jam laced with chocolate and raspberry glaze smoothed in coconut. Yum.

You became an overnight sensation, but your success hasn’t come out of nowhere. Tell us about your family’s baking background?
It’s actually taken me four years to get Glamour Cake to where it is today; a lot of hard work, tears, patience and sacrifice. If it wasn’t for my dad I wouldn’t be where I am today!
My dad has been baking for over 40 years, roping mum in when we were at school to help out. School holidays I’d be up at gosh knows what time, dressed, ready and waiting in the kitchen for dad, hoping he’d let me go in and help bake. As we all hit high school getting up early became normal as it became our job as hired help. So when it came to leaving school and thinking about what I wanted to be, baking was the last thing on my mind as it was almost second nature.
Mum and dad have an amazing success story, going from a struggling family doing everything they could to keep two business going – the Clyde Bakery and Hillyer’s Café, only to sell it all and risk it on what dad could see as the next big thing – buying the Woolston Hot Bread Shop. People would queue down the street to get them as they were the only shop open over weekends, as there was no weekend trading.
They both worked so hard; dad running the business while mum is running around making sure dad would still see us kids, bringing us into the shop just so dad could drop us off at sports on a Saturday and watch our games. Mum would take over from dad and work so we could still have family moments. It’s amazing what dedication, hard work and support from others can help you achieve.

Where do you draw your sweet inspiration from?
To be honest I’m not 100 percent sure how I come up with some of my donut designs. I just have a particular way I like things to look and if I don’t like it I start again until I’m happy with the final outcome. Sometimes I have dreams of ideas and wake up in the morning and go into work and try and create it. It’s not a winner every time, let’s just say that much.