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Byrce Gallery

A Tranquil Trio: Bryce Gallery

Bryce Gallery owner Min Kim says the paintings of the ‘Tranquil Trio’ exhibition (25 July – 31 August at Bryce Gallery) are examples of exceptional brushwork. “Warm, fine light just comes out of the canvases – it’s amazing work.”

Byrce Gallery

The exhibition features 28 works by South Island artists Allan Batt, Philip Beadle and Sheryl McCammon.

Allan Batt’s paintings are vivid, strong and suffused with such a light, they appear almost photographic. Tidal Margins, for instance, is a large canvas depicting river stones of every conceivable size, shape and colour; its realism has you wanting to reach out your fingertips to touch the smooth, water-glistened stones.

Christchurch artist Philip Beadle focuses on figurative images and our local cityscape. The interplay of light and shadow – such as the glow from a fireplace illuminating a naked woman as she dries her hair, or the beauteous light of a park caught in a curtain of mist – is exquisitely rendered.
Sheryl McCammon’s love of boats and harbour life is evident in her seascapes. Misty Morning is of a boathouse erected on stilts. The vapour of rising mist above the water and the mirrored reflection of a dinghy moored beneath the boat-house brings a deep sense of inner peace and serenity.
“The essential fundamentals of which we all need in our lives are warmth, light and tranquillity,” says Min; in viewing the works of the ‘Tranquil Trio’ exhibition, we are reminded of the profound truth behind her words.

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Master Painters

Southern Success: Master Painters

The Master Painters New Zealand Association and its members have been painting the South Island red – both in the literal and metaphorical sense of the expression, with South Island businesses achieving notable success in the recently completed New Zealand Master Painter of the Year Awards in Queenstown.

Master Painters
While members from Christchurch, Nelson and Timaru dominated the Gold and Category wins in the annual competition, South Island companies also won all the top prizes as well.
Timaru based firm Grant Jenkins Contracting Limited took out a number of category and overall wins including Wallcoverings Applicator of the Year, Commercial Master Painter of the Year and the top award of New Zealand Master Painter of the Year. An astounding success, the business is only the second member to be awarded the top title twice.
The winning entry was an example of the highest quality for the competition, with a bar fit-out in the Timaru CBD. The judges noted that this project truly reflected outstanding skill, with a combination of creative decorative effects, high-quality painting work and outstanding wallcoverings applications. Other Timaru contractors that achieved success were Jeff Allan Paint & Paper and Rangers Specialised Coatings Ltd.Nelson firm Total Decorating Nelson took out the other major prize, earning the Residential Master Painter of the Year.

Master Painters

This team presented a number of high quality projects, with a quality new character home in Richmond securing the winning entry for the firm. Once again, this team presented a complete skill set that included high quality painting and wallcoverings application. Competition and standards in the Nelson/Marlborough region mean that clients of Colourbox Ltd, Dave Rees Painting, Procolour Painting, McKenzies also were recipients of award winning projects.
Christchurch firms, Ian Sheppard Ltd, Chamlang Ltd, Hawke Paint, Mitchell Decorating, Switched On Property Maintenance, Selwyn Decorating and GK Fyfe Ltd, all earned recognition for work carried out during the previous year.
Further south wasn’t neglected either, with Mulford Holdings, Southern Lakes Architectural Coatings, Hilo Decorating, Olphert Contracting and K I McDowall Ltd all achieving success.

Master Painters

The judges observed that the quality of work presented by these businesses was a reflection of true professional standards, great attention to details and strong client

relationships. They described it as an honour to view the projects presented throughout New Zealand and witness the passion these members have for their chosen trade.

A full list of winners is available to view at

Art Metro

Artistic Tutelage: Art Metro

Three years ago, Paul Hobbs was looking for an art class that would help improve his painting. He spied an advert for Art Metro and immediately emailed owner and Director Simon Walmisley; within a short time, Paul found himself enrolled in a class and perched before an easel.

Art Metro

Paul currently attends the Tuesday morning class. His preferred medium is oils. “I’m learning all sorts of techniques using oils – anything goes, really!”
Paul says his confidence in his painting has grown enormously since he began. “I’m tackling things like snow and clouds now. I’m learning about the tools, like using a palette knife, and I’ve learnt about layering.”
He likes to take a few minutes’ break from his easel to have a wander around and see what his classmates are up to. “I’ve been humbled by seeing the brilliance of some of the others – but that’s all good.”

Paul says he enjoys his classes because the atmosphere is easy going and sociable. “Simon’s also very flexible with times; if you can’t make a class for some reason or other, you can always catch up next time. The teaching is relaxed but really helpful. If you want a bit of guidance, your tutor’s soon by your side.”
When asked if he will stay on at Art Metro, Paul gives an emphatic, enthusiastic response. “Oh yes, definitely. I have learnt such a lot and hopefully I’ve improved!”
For more information visit, email or phone 03-354 4438.

Little River Gallery

Winds of change: Little River Gallery

Little River Gallery packs a mighty punch on the Aotearoa arts scene. Nestled in the heart of picturesque Little River township, on Highway 75, this is an arthouse powerhouse (including café and giftshop) committed to showcasing both established and emerging artists from the local and wider arts community.

Little River Gallery

Ashley Smith, the mega-talented sculptor, cartoonist and caricature portraitist painter presents Winds of Change, opening on 7 July and running until 1 August at Little River Gallery. The paintings are from a milestone period in his life which Ashley hopes, much like life’s gearshifts, have the power to surprise.
Imagine, for instance, you’re on an island nation of pristine waters and clamorous birdcall when a sail broaches the horizon…you glance up from an endless summer to find a rampaging wind bearing down on you…then what? Curious?
Well, bring your friends and come find out for yourselves!



Art Couture NZ

Crazy, creative couture: Art Couture NZ is set to bring back last year’s wildly successful wearable art show to a new Lincoln location

A fabulous excuse for crazy, wild creativity in a wearable form is once again being offered to all New Zealanders.

Art Couture NZ

Following last year’s Canterbury-based wearable arts show at a Tai Tapu vineyard, Art Couture NZ’s planning for this year’s event is a happening thing. Scheduled for 13 October, new entrants are still welcome to enter until 4 August, according to founder Kim Strange.
Kim and three key organisers have chosen the Lincoln Events Centre for 2018’s larger, yet still intimate show. “We’ve received nationwide entries including many from Canterbury,” Kim says.
She lists off a raft of entry categories. It’s obvious all ages and design incarnations are accommodated, with more than $2500 available in prizes. “We think this year’s event will take the whole artistic venture to the next level,” Kim says.
The motivation for the arty event is about creativity, participation, inclusivity and fun. One category attracting a good number of entrants involves receiving a ‘Sow’s Ear’ bag of fabrics and assorted materials.
Kim says that people can, but don’t have to model their own creations. Often family members and friends become the designer’s models. Alternatively, designers can choose to have a model provided.
A range of tickets are available; some include North Canterbury wine labeled ‘27 Seconds,’ which donates profits to help stem the third world problem of human slavery. “It’s a way for us to support a great cause that touches all hearts,” Kim says.
Visit and Facebook for details.

The Christchurch Art Show

A creative collection: The Christchurch Art Show has something for every kind of art lover (and those who didn’t know they liked art yet)

Art is a creative journey that is experienced differently for each of us. From the creative edge of street art, to upmarket abstract painting, no matter which way your creative taste swings, Christchurch’s largest art show is designed to have something up your artistic alley.

The Christchurch Art Show

With quality original artworks from established and emergent New Zealand artists, there really is something for everyone at the Christchurch Art Show. Featuring hundreds of artists and thousands of artworks priced from $50 to $6,000, there is a wide range of styles and mediums on sale and, once purchased, you can take your new artwork home with you.
As each piece sells, a new one is hung in its place, ensuring a diverse and ever-changing selection and making a return visit equally enjoyable across the three days, from the 22 to 24 June at the Air Force Museum in Wigram.
If you’re staring at a blank wall in your home, trying to picture your dream work of art, The Christchurch Art Show is where visions come to life and your home becomes a creative canvas.
You’ll find an on-site, licensed café, Eftpos and credit card facilities, a wrapping room and courier service available, free parking on-site and cash and carry capabilities, with art removed on purchase.
The show is from 22 to 24 June at the Air Force Museum in Wigram. For more information, visit

Paint ’n’ Sip

Number one in fun: the perfect mid-winter night out at Paint ‘n’ Sip

You’re fed up with the weather; the wintry temps have you shivering in front of the heater and everything on the telly’s rubbish. Turn your frown into a smile, banish winter’s nip, for your fairy godmother has waved her wand – you need Paint ’n’ Sip!

Paint ’n’ Sip

Welcome to the most creative hub in town where everybody gathers for a fantastic, unforgettable experience. This is where magic happens; this is where you unleash all creativity locked inside you as you paint your way to laughter and happiness.
With a seating capacity for 32, you now have the perfect venue for your hen party night your Mum’s 60th birthday celebrations; your sister’s baby-shower, and you really must remember to tell your boss you’ve found the ideal place to hold the team building work event. The options and reasons for propping yourself before an easel are as wide and limitless as that beautiful big, blue ocean you can’t wait to bring to life on canvas.
You don’t even need to worry about having little or zilch painting experience, because there are four fabulous artists at the ready, only too happy to offer support and encouragement as you create your very own unique masterpiece. As stated on their website – it’s all about the journey and FUN!
So, forget that boring bucket list, do it now! Check out their monthly online calendar and book yourself and your friends the greatest time-out of your lives. Santé!
For more information visit or email

Winter in Ōtautahi

Spoilt for choice: Winter events to see you through to August

Winter in Ōtautahi has never looked so exciting, or enticing, as our city plays host to a myriad of events from art and theatre, to wine and babies. Talk about spoilt for choice!

Winter in Ōtautahi

8 – 9 June
NO Productions Theatre presents Jeffrey Hatcher’s fast-paced psychological thriller at the Christchurch Art Gallery. Described in one review as: “Sex, Art, Nazis and a classy 20th century icon, all wrapped up like a tasty cultural burrito”.

9 June
A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own an historic piece of jetty art. 18 well-known artists, from Lyttelton to Mount Herbert, have created unique artworks depicting their reflections on Governors Bay Jetty. Auction begins at 3pm at the Governors Bay Hotel.

9 – 10 June
A huge range of products and services on show, plus seminars, demos and workshops. Everything you need to know from Bump to Birth and Beyond! Head to the Pioneer Leisure Centre.

12 July – 21 July
Written by renowned NZ playwright, April Phillips, Swingers is a riotous new comedy about men married to the golf course and their long-suffering wives who’ve had enough. Teeing off at The Performing Arts Centre, Heaton Normal Intermediate School.

26 July
A selection of award winning wines from New Zealand and Australia. The event also introduces some of the people that craft and stand behind these distinctive, fabulous wines. Quaffing commences 6pm at Hagley Oval.

Dcypher Lyttelton

‘Dcypher-ing’ Lyttelton’s story: murals that speaks for the community

Locals and visitors to Lyttelton’s Oxford Street Reserve have plenty to feast their eyes upon as they take in the stunning and spectacular murals at the revamped skate park and playground.

Dcypher Lyttleton

Completed last month, the murals, which took around two weeks of labour intensive painting, are by Los Angeles-based Christchurch artist Dcypher, also known as Guy Ellis. They tell a visual story incorporating native plants and birds, Maori design motifs, and a Lyttelton inspired urban scene featuring a skateboarder. Dcypher had fellow DTR Crew artists – Wongi, Ikarus and Jacob Yikes – assisting him on the job.
Christchurch City Council project manager, Jon Malis, says the murals reflect the history of Lyttelton and the site and appeal directly to the youth of the area who are the primary users of the park.
The artworks are a key element of the $375,000 site upgrade, which includes extensive playground landscaping, repairs to the park’s earthquake-damaged heritage walls, and the skate park being rebuilt.
An acclaimed muralist, Dcypher’s work features in the Spectrum Street Art Show and several murals around Christchurch, along with international street art festivals, cityscapes, museums and high-profile advertising campaigns. His work has also been showcased in Brazil, New Zealand and the United States, and he was recently invited to participate in painting the World’s Largest Graffiti Wall for the Guinness Book of World Records in Dubai.
Most impressive of all however, is that the prodigiously talented Dcypher has truly hit the big time, having developed mural art works specifically for the TV shows, Sons of Anarchy, Silicon Valley and NCIS.

Rangiora mural

An artistic acomplishment: new mural graces the wall of the Kip McGrath Education Centre in Rangiora

It’s been said that you’re only ever limited by your imagination. And, although the very premise of this saying is formed on a fictional narrative rather than the ability to supersede physical limitations, it is none the less a sweet concept.

Rangiora mural

And yet James (Jim) Dykes has made good on this notion, not letting his age of 91 years get in the way of the production of an impressive 16.5m mural in Rangiora.
When the removal of a shed left the large grey concrete wall exposed at the Kip McGrath Education Centre in Ivory Street, James’ son, Director Dr Grant Dykes asked his dad for some ideas and he ended up putting his paintbrush wielding hand up for the task.
“I wanted to depict something of the emptiness which is so much of New Zealand,” James says.
“So I thought what better way than to represent the flood plain; the tussock covered riverbed with the sun still to come up.”
The fact that is has taken a year to complete, working just an hour at a time around the harsh sun and reliance on his wife Jean and daughter in law Delia for assistance, just further adds to this impressive feat of determination.
Outgoing Mayor David Ayers was on hand to unveil the masterpiece last month, pointing to the historical significance of Canterbury’s braided rivers and current significance of the region’s arts in his speech.