In The City

Purple Weka Cafe

Kiwi as: funky little haven of good old fashioned Kiwi hospitality at the Purple Weka Cafe

Sheppard and Rout Architects

Exceptional spaces: Sheppard and Rout’s award nominated fit-out of ChristchurchNZ’s offices in the BNZ Centre

Cheryl Colley
Marc-Antoine Barrois

A worldly fragrance: WORLD introduces exclusive fragrances by Marc-Antoine Barrois

Unichem Cashel Pharmacy

Action in the city’s heart: Unichem Cashel Pharmacy is providing a fantastic range of services right in the centre of the CBD

Architect Craig South

A new approach to an old problem: architect Craig South explores innovative thinking about living in the CBD

Guest Columnist
Tony Astle

Tony Astle brings the Chiwahwah: questions and answers with a culinary empire-builder

Black and White Coffee Cartel

Clever coffee creators: Black and White Coffee Cartel have been industriously working at providing an amazing coffee experience

Pink Ribbon High Tea at The george

High tea temptations: stick your pinkies out for the Pink Ribbon high teas at The George

The Villas

Feijoa paste: The Villas recipe series

The former Christchurch Re:START Mall

Container mall’s new northern home: Re:START makes it’s way up the coast to quake stricken Kaikoura

Winter activities

Winter wonders: nine things guaranteed to get you out and loving Christchurch this winter

Riverside Reinvention

Riverside reinvention: Oxford Terrace comes alive again

Melinda Collins